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Singer and actress, student of International conservatory of Prague singing different genres since her early years. She reached her first achievements with her rock band Standby in the age of fourteen. They performed at several big Czech festivals such as Rock For People or Jamrock.

When Zofie was 17 (in 2012) her friends asked her to record a voice line into their first electroswing experiment. Belleville came out and then Mydy Rabycad adventurous journey started. She also performs actively in theatres of Prague and Pilsen and sings in musicals.


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20 years old student of Institute of International Affairs at Charles University in Prague and the conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek. At early years he started with dance, but when he had moved to another city he have started with music. With saxophone he had an opportunity to play in a few jazz combos and Big Bands. The most skills he have acquired in Bigband of Zus Liberec (conductor Rudolf Mihulka) and in Jazztet together with Jan (conductor Vladimir Vlasek). He was a schoolmate with Jan at highschool and a bandmate in several projects (also ska-punk band).

When the first thought of Mydy Rabycad came, he had called Jan and Nèro with the idea and they started working. Nèro taught him a software programming and they began with work on material for the first album together.


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22 years old student of the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague and the producer of a Mydy Rabycad material. Since the beginning of his musical career he has tried several genres: folk, jazz, classical music, grunge, skapunk up to the electronic project Nèro Scartch and alternative songwriter Anna D. Besides bass guitar he can play piano, guitar, saxophone and clarinet.

When Mikulas began to think about an electroswing, Jan was the first person and the clear choice to join.


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19 years old producer and the youngest member of Mydy Rabycad. He has been taking part in the Czech music scene since his early years. He started playing drums and piano and later the swing music was introduced to him through drumming in an Emil Hradecky's jazz trio which won first prize in the national competition. Then in 2009 he gained the second place in the national drumming competition.

Later he was invited to Mydy Rabycad by Mikulas and started to produce an electroswing music. Lately Nèro has his own electronic/ambient/industrial project named simply Nèro Scartch and in January releases his first solo record “Piece Of My Life”. Sometimes he also plays synthesizers as a guest in Android Asteroid.